Make your next pair of glass lenses a Schroeder Glass Rx.
Schroeder Optical is very proud of our new glass department. As many labs today have chosen to either farm glass out, refuse to do glass or have let their glass departments get out-dated, Schroeder Optical has firmly committed itself to the glass lens market. We have invested in an automated LOH V50 generator and a complete new set of tooling enabling us to provide our accounts with the highest quality prescription glass. Make your next pair of glass lenses a Schroeder Glass Rx.

Features: Glass lenses offer two things plastic lenses can't: superior optics and natural scratch-resistance. Glass lenses must be heat-treated or chemically tempered to meet Drop-Ball Test standards, and are an excellent base for AR coating. Glass lenses come in various photochromatic colors and densities, including photo-chromics for medical applications.

Benefits: Glass lenses give the best visual clarity of any lens material, so they are an excellent choice for those patients requiring precision optics, such as architects, artists, designers, photographers, physicians, accountants, engineers, and computer users. Because glass lenses are scratch-resistant by nature, they are usually a good choice for those who scratch their lenses easily, for example, people who wipe their glasses in the field without cleaner or water.

Schroeder Optical uses only top quality glass from such manufacturers as Vision-Ease, X-cel and Sola.

If you would like to check availability for glass we recommend the X-cel website. They have their complete glass line availability posted.

The LOH V50 helps us provide the highest quality glass lenses.